Clásicos Escolares: “Project about poetry”

With this project, we want to bring poetry into our lives. We intend to find those poems that communicate with the deepest parts of our being. We want to maintain linguistic diversity and protect poetry as an important form of expression for all languages. We think it is an innovative way to learn about others.


. Promote the pleasure of reading the poetic genre.
. Relate poetry with cross-cutting themes in the curriculum.
. Develop reading strategies to improve linguistic and literary competence.
. Use the visual translation of the poems as a reading comprehension strategy and a way to express ideas and feelings.
. Using ICT in the classroom.
. Promoting learning projects as a way of meaningful learning of reading.


In this project, students will act in an autonomous way; the originality of the final product depends on this.

Motivating activities will be used to get a better understanding of the poem. Students will reflect on the poems and show what they have understood about them.

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