Future Classroom Lab: Collaborative Projects

20140414_104112A multilateral eTwinning  seminar,  “Future  Classroom Lab: Collaborative Projects”,  was held in Brussels (Belgium) on 14 and 15 April. I was selected to attend it.

“Future Classroom Lab” is a teaching and learning space that has been fully equipped and developed by European Schoolnet, responsible for the coordination of eTwinning and other European programs, with the support of 30 Ministries of Education and leading companies in ICT.

20140414_143853“Future Classroom Lab” is developing a program of workshops, seminars and courses aimed to teachers  in order to explore new educational settings supported by technologies that promote changes in teaching and learning styles, as those promoted by eTwinning.

This is a workshop that allows teachers to participate in activities on the way the current and future technologies can improve the education of our students, in this case it focuses on collaborative tools and activities.

20140414_162741Teachers from different countries of Europe met to share experiences and good practices, learn more about eTwinning as a collaborative and learning tool and establish contact for participation in future projects.

It was a great experience!

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