eTwinning project: “Let’s read together”

Students from IES Mediterráneo (Málaga, Spain) and Szkoła Europejska (Poland) are going to work together in an eTwinning project about reading.
We intend to promote reading culture in our schools, involving students and teachers. The aim is not only to develop reading but also to encourage the use of school library. We intend to promote reading as a pleasure.

Subjects: ICT, art, English, literature, language and multidisciplinary.

Language: English, Polish and Spanish.

Students’ age: 16-17

Tools: Chat, email, videos, photographies, power-point, blogs, digital book, TwinSpace.

-To encourage reading through a variety of creative activities.
-To motivate writing activities.
-To encourage pupils and teachers to become active library users.
-To improve the communicative competence in English.
-To know the students’ school, social and geographic environment.
-To promote their curiosity about their own environment.
-To improve the use of information and communicative technologies.
-To promote the collaborative work.
-To become aware of the European dimension and the cultural diversity around us.

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