Halloween 2015

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Booktrailers para celebrar el Día del Libro 2015

Alumnos de 2º de Bachillerato realizan booktrailers de sus libros favoritos como actividad de animación a la lectura para celebrar el Día del Libro 2015.


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Clásicos Escolares: “An Up-dated version of classical tales”

The Three Little Pigs

We start playing with traditional tales.

My students of Bachillerato have to imagine how the characters would be today, how the action would happen and what end would be more appropriate.

To begin, we have the tale ofThe Three Little Pigsfully adapted to the present moment, with economic crisis and bankers. 


Spanish version



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eTwinning project “Visual approximation to European poetry”

School librarians and teachers from Italy, Portugal an Spain will work to promote reading with our pupils. The main objective is to develop reading culture in each school and the use of Spanish, involving different subjects and the school library. When we allow our pupils to collaborate with peers across Europe, we encourage them to explore their creative responses using multimedia, and enhance the feeling that reading for pleasure is worth celebrating. Pupils and staff will develop their ICT and literacy skills.


Comparison between the education system from Portugal, Italy and Spain

We make our cities visible

We are going to show our cities following a literary tour. Each school will work on its own city. The city will be used as field of investigation, and the students will be able to build their own representation of it to find new ways to involve in their city.


Influence of poetry in contemporary music

Throughout time we can find the same topics from classical poetry to contemporary music. We should focus more on the literary aspects of the letters of Spanish pop, where we can find recreation of cult literary models.

Cómplices, La Oreja de Van Gogh and Amaral pop groups are good examples where identifying troubadour, Petrarch, Renaissance and Baroque love poetry.

You can see a study on this topic at the following link  http://jgallego.wix.com/temas-literarios


Student work on the poetry of the Renaissance and Baroque


Introduction to the Galician-Portuguese poetry in comic



Our project in the newspaper



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Clásicos escolares: “Poetry in science”

“The ideal scientist thinks like a poet and works like a bookkeeper,” the influential biologist E.O. Wilson says.
The pupils of 4º ESO show us how to read about science in a different way.
Poesía en la Ciencia

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Clásicos escolares: “Andalusia in poems”

Students’ works

The pupils of 4 ESO use poetry to show us different places from Andalusia.

Ver todas las presentaciones (Padlet).

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Clásicos escolares: “The world through poetry”

Students’ works

The pupils of 3 ESO introduce us different countries through poetry.
El mundo a través de la poesía

Ver todos los trabajos en Padlet

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Clásicos Escolares: “Project about poetry”

With this project, we want to bring poetry into our lives. We intend to find those poems that communicate with the deepest parts of our being. We want to maintain linguistic diversity and protect poetry as an important form of expression for all languages. We think it is an innovative way to learn about others.


. Promote the pleasure of reading the poetic genre.
. Relate poetry with cross-cutting themes in the curriculum.
. Develop reading strategies to improve linguistic and literary competence.
. Use the visual translation of the poems as a reading comprehension strategy and a way to express ideas and feelings.
. Using ICT in the classroom.
. Promoting learning projects as a way of meaningful learning of reading.


In this project, students will act in an autonomous way; the originality of the final product depends on this.

Motivating activities will be used to get a better understanding of the poem. Students will reflect on the poems and show what they have understood about them.

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Future Classroom Lab: Collaborative Projects

20140414_104112A multilateral eTwinning  seminar,  “Future  Classroom Lab: Collaborative Projects”,  was held in Brussels (Belgium) on 14 and 15 April. I was selected to attend it.

“Future Classroom Lab” is a teaching and learning space that has been fully equipped and developed by European Schoolnet, responsible for the coordination of eTwinning and other European programs, with the support of 30 Ministries of Education and leading companies in ICT.

20140414_143853“Future Classroom Lab” is developing a program of workshops, seminars and courses aimed to teachers  in order to explore new educational settings supported by technologies that promote changes in teaching and learning styles, as those promoted by eTwinning.

This is a workshop that allows teachers to participate in activities on the way the current and future technologies can improve the education of our students, in this case it focuses on collaborative tools and activities.

20140414_162741Teachers from different countries of Europe met to share experiences and good practices, learn more about eTwinning as a collaborative and learning tool and establish contact for participation in future projects.

It was a great experience!

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Games online to learn English

This site is intended for students of English as a foreign language as a resource to study or review language.


Have fun playing and learning!

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